Book Now WordPress Plugin for call to action buttons


Book Now is a simple WordPress Plugin that adds a nice and clean Call to Action Fixed button to your WordPress Website pages.

Download it here

It is a super easy to use plugin, simple options, only the settings you really need.

In this image you can see how simple Book Now settings can be.

Book Now screen settings

I’ve set 5 easy and essential options, in future updates I’ll may add some other cool features, for now the options in this version of Book Now are:

  • Enable/Disable
  • Actual Display text
  • Url for the button link
  • The side you want the button to be displayed
  • A background color

The generated button will be rendered on all your pages, adding a simple and clean nice button that will follow the screen while people scroll up and down your website pages.

Book Now is a very usefull Call to Action Button

With Book Now Button your website will attract more action from your visitors, with the addition of a simple call to action button to your website, the users will more likely click that button and do whatever you want them to do.

Check out Book Now in the WordPress Plugin Repository, and test it out it’s free.

Author: RianGraphics

RianGraphics another webmaster from Milan. I love everything web related and design related too, share with me your cool stuff.


Loved, this – just what I needed.

Would be improved with an option to open link into a new window – having that as the default would be even better 🙂

Thanks for what you do

It worked perfectly, but now – does not.
Everything is set and there is no button on main page. Such a pity, I have used it many times!

Hi, I’m having difficulty hiding the button on pages where it shouldn’t be displayed. I tried using the page names, the page ID’s and even the page url’s but nothing so far has worked. Am I missing something perhaps?


sorry for the late reply, you have to use the pages/posts ID comma separated ex 145,159,200
if it does’t work tell me what kind of page it is and we can try to figure it out together


Hello, thank you for the plugin its simple and easy to use.
Is there a way to disable the button on desktops I only want it to appears on mobiles?
Also how can i make the text on the button smaller?

Hello again
I have used this code to hide the button on desktops:
@media screen and (min-width:1000px) {
#rg-book {

And it worked perfectly will you please help me with the text size

The plugin is perfect thank you for creating it, but the button size on mobile is so big, is there a way to decrease the button height and make the font smaller?

Hi Radi,

I’ve added font-size and padding options for both mobile and desktop versions, try to update the plugin to see the new features


Thank you very much. I wasnt expecting this amazing support !
But I think now the plugin isnt active on mobile.
Also it will be nice to add a feature to hide the button on desktops.

Is there a way to make the whole button area clickable and not just the text on the button.?
If so that would be perfect especially on mobiles.
Thank you

Hello Roy,
yes it is possible, add this code to yuor custom css:

#rg-book {
padding: 0px!important; /* if this property doesn't work add the !important mark */
#rg-book a {
display: block;
padding: 1em 2em;

Thank you so much! after adding your code it worked however the button size now is too huge on mobile is there a way to make it smaller? I hope I am not asking too much 🙂

Thank you sooooo much. Now its perfect. I think it would be good if you make the whole button clickable by default in the next update.

I want to make the button visible on mobile only.
I would like to make the button not visible on the PC.
What should I do?

Hi Tay,
use this css in your custom css:

div#rg-book {
display: none;
@media screen and (max-width:575px) {
div#rg-book {
display: block;

reply here if it doesn’t work

Best regards

Hello Roy,
use this css in yoru custom css:

#rg-book {
position: fixed!important;
transform: none!important;
/*left: 45%!important; play with this value to get it centered */
bottom: 0px!important;

let me know if it works

Two Book now buttons are displayed.
(One out of site and one in internal content)

How can I make sure that only one is displayed instead of being displayed on my site’s internal content?

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