Google Serp Restyle with Material Design

Google Serp Restyle with Material Design

It’s coming out Google Serp Restyle, Google start his Material Design metrics on all products. Google Serp have a huge update on graphic side, forget old simple white page and welcome Material Design era.

With new Google Serp Restyle, things becoming better for all users. Google follow all Material Design specs in this update. Material Design is a huge visual project Google started a few years ago. And now it’s taking place of the old simplistic style of their most visited web pages.

Google wanted to create a better visual language and user experience that synthesizes the classic principles of good design. Innovate the possibility of modern technology and science.

And now with the Google Serp Restyle, they want to provide a single understanding system to unify the user experience across all platforms and screen sizes, inputs like keyboard, touch screen, voice, mouse, focusing on user experience.

We all will be more confident with those nice and light shadows that are the symbol of material design, well designed light grays.

Google Plus Serp Snippet New look, from now on all the serp result will have their own little Material Design box, it looks simply amazing.

google plus new serp snippet

New Google Serp Restyle for Google News, pretty cool Design.

google news serp snippet

Here we can see how our websites will look from in Serp Ranks now on, Material Design look pretty nice.

google serp restyle websites

And here you can see how it looks all toghether.

Google Serp Restyle with Material Design - RianGraphics

Lets see in deep how Google Serp Restyle has changed the old look





Big difference on how the snippets are displayed, you can see in the images above. With new restyle all snippets have their own box and are separeted from the others. Google Snippet Ranks have better importance and more impact to end users.

I believe it will give more impact for results below rank 4, only becouse of this huge restyle and graphic update.

Forget the old fancy white page, now this nice light gray will be the way to go.

Results have their own precise space now and everything looks compact and fancy.

Material Design Covers a lot of the content in webpages, like:

  • Motion “Animations”
  • Style
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Writting
  • Icons
  • Navigation
  • User Inputs
  • Images
  • Layout
  • Overall Usability

In order to cover Material Design specifications Google is about to make huge changes to Serp Results and provide all Material Design goodies to their users.

Due to several other Material Design Updates Google made use in all his platforms in the past. The big change will come in the near future for all users in the Google Serp.

Becouse of all Google platforms have been updated to conform Material Design also the Serp nedded an update.

Platforms like:

  • Google Play Store
  • YouTube
  • Android
  • Gmail